Comic Book Grading

Near Mint (NM)

A near mint book is near perfect – almost like new. It should have full, bright colors and gloss and no wear of any kind. The book should lie perfectly flat.

Very Fine (VF)

Still has Sharp look, with nice bright color and gloss. Lies Flat. May have a few small stress marks on the spine or outer edge. No creasing allowed.

Fine (F)

Has an attractive look still, but can have more defects that the higher grade of VF. May have 4 or 5 stress lines, small corner crease, small edge tear or more general edge wear. No tape or large tears or notable pieces out of the cover allowed.

Very Good (VG)

Your average handled and read copy. Might have noticeable wear on spine and edges and noticeable creasing on cover. Could have a one inch tear or less. A small piece of tape on or inside cover is allowed. Might have some light soiling or staining. Might have a slightly rolled spine.

Good (G)

Similar in many ways to a VG, but with more severe or frequent defects. Could have a piece (not too large) our of front or back cover.

Fair (F)

Rough but complete copy. Might have lots of tape on cover, or tears, or pieces out of cover. Staining, soiling, lots of wear.

Poor (P)

Severely beaten up or incomplete copy. Might have large pieces missing out of cover or no back cover.