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UPDATE November 9, 2022 – Added more inventory, uploaded more issue pictures and picked up some new inventory. Also check out some of ourTikTok videos https://www.tiktok.com/@mobicollectorguy?lang=en

Hi comic book fans, welcome to my site for selling comics, collectibles and odds/ends. For comics we are bringing new inventory online daily and its a slow process, about 30-40 titles and issues per day. We deal mostly in Raw comics but do have a graded slab to offer.

If there is anything you see here (or you don’t see here) that you’d like to know more about please shoot us an e-mail at sales@mobicomics.ca and we’ll get right back to you.

Spend $200 or more on order shipped inside of Canada and receive free shipping. All shipping is done inside Gemini mailers or other similar secure packaging to ensure your items arrived as expected.

All prices are in Canadian (CAD) dollars.

Located and shipping from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.