Shipping & Returns

All shipping is done through Canada Post delivery services. We will package and ship all orders with 1 business day of order and PAYMENT receipt and provide tracking information as soon as its available.

All orders are securely packed inside either Gemini mailer cartons or appropriately sized boxes withe adequate packing material to protect your orders.

We want them to arrive as safely as you do!


In the event that a return is necessary you will be required to return and products in the original shipping carton/box at your own expense. Once received a refund or credit for the full amount of the product will be made for only the following reasons:

  1. Damage to the products due to the mishandling of the shipping company
  2. The product was incorrectly graded due to our inattentiveness (it happens – we are human) and we have agreed to replace or refund the product.
  3. We accidentally shipped you the wrong product.

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